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    The Doomrat

    Hi, ive just started building pedals – aliminium casts are really good but also costs abit, therafor iam gonna try use them for only builds that i know will be used when i get up my skill.

    Being a welder owning a tig i thought i might make some big enclousures to have for learning pedal building, ive read people building of sheet metal, but cant that give issues with grounding if not careful?

    My idea at the moment is just using some fine wood for edges and attatch aliminium/sheet metal all around like a oldschool pedal. But is there any negative aspects of that? Or any better way to make cheap enclousures for trying different builds in?

    – alltho i will still buy aliminium casts for stuff i want to last. But If you have any good diy tips, or knowledge of cons and pros of different materials like sheet metal, aliminium and wood for enclousures please share.

    – did a forum search for this subject but did not find, new here so i excuse myself if this already been discussed.


    Sheet metal is fine regarding shielding and grounding I’ve used sheet metal enclosures with no problem

    Wood people do use that’s more likely to give you problems you can line the inside of it with shielding tape or aluminium foil to shield it from unwanted RF noise etc

    With regard to grounding that shouldn’t be a problem as long as you ground everything as normal ie switches, jacks etc your main ground comes from your DC supply whether that’s an adaptor into a DC jack or a battery everything is grounded from that rather than the enclosure some people do ground thier in and out jacks to the enclosure using the jack nuts but that’s not advisable as they can come loose you are always better grounding both jacks with a wire

    With guitarpcb boards you have lots of extra grounding points for your 3PDT and in and out jacks etc which would ensure everything is grounded correctly

    Some of the newer pcbs have an extra +9v pad making it easier and convenient to use the 3PDT pcbs if you want to

    Barry W Davis

    I’ve seen several pedals around the interwebs built into electrical junction or switch boxes

    Big O

    Re:  I’ve seen several pedals around the interwebs built into electrical junction or switch boxes

    That’s what I plan to do with one of my next builds.  I will have to modify the box a bit, but for about $2 total for the box and cover plate, it is a lot cheaper than buying the cast aluminum boxes.  My old source for boxes, Mammoth, no longer exists so I have bought some from Small Bear, which is closed for the pandemic right now.  This was not a new idea that I came up with, a teacher a the place where I took some guitar lessons about 15 years ago built his own pedals and used electrical boxes for the enclosure.


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