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    Diversity is key when testing pedal circuits since people have so many different rigs. This my setup for testing circuits for GuitarPCB and I also have several cheap practice amps on standby. Typically if it sounds great through a small amp it will sound good on most rigs.
    I can use any single amp by itself, two amps or even three amps at once. I use a Lehle switcher to accomplish that (see image). I can immediately hear any tonal differences between amps on the fly as well as listening to them all at once or any combination.
    I have several guitars with different pickup configurations. LP style w/ Humbuckers, Hollowbody w/ Humbuckers, Strat w/ single coils and Tele w/ P90s.
    Finally I have my stereo setup to be able to carefully compare tones to Records, CDs and Videos or simply Jam along to some backing tracks which can all be recorded straight to my DAW for demos. Before releasing any circuit it must pass all testing configurations.



    Excellent set up

    I’ve got a question Barry

    The fender twin pro tube I’ve got, how’s the hum on yours

    Obviously you’d expect some on a 100w job mine isn’t bad I’m just trying to gauge it compared to other tube amps I’ve used and I’d say it’s more noticeable


    Mommy!  Mommy!  I want those!


    Well Billy when I got it hooked up to the ole’ “Knob and Tube” it can get pretty noisy.

    .. but then I just unplug the TV and Air Conditioner and turn everything to 11 and it goes away.


    kidding of course… actually it is all pretty good and good enough for recording.


    Hmmm.. tough crowd.

    Barry W Davis

    Nice setup, Clark Grisswold could probably help you get a little more use out of that plug!



    I used be to a “tube-amp snob” until one day I realized that I had this expensive, super-heavy tube amp driven by several solid-state pedals. Now I keep a small 6″ Johnson 15W; a Fishman LoudBox Mini; a Line6 Spider Jam with a 12″ speaker (and an FVB Shortboard); and a Vox MV50 AC driving a Marshall 4 x 12″ slanted half-stack to test all my pedals. I got rid of all my tube amps only because I no longer care to haul that kind of weight around.


    @ Ccow – Those amps haven’t moved in many years and they have brought me greater pleasure in the last 11 years than all the years playing clubs combined for multiple reasons. One of the reasons not apparent in this thread thus far is the “other room” where my kids and I play.

    @ BackonTrack – My amps natural tone is always part of my sound (clean or dirty) and there is no mistaking my base tones. Gear has changed slightly over the years with much collected when my kids were young and I had a “real job” before starting GuitarPCB. ( I jest because I took a lot of flack for going full-time GuitarPCB) That said the last 12 years have been the most rewarding for me doing a Job I love, raising my kids on my own and I never have to play “House of the Rising Sun” again.

    You will note the Peavey “lunch box” tube head that sounds amazing operating at 20/5/1 at probably 15 pounds.

    There is a solid state Ampeg below that for Bass. I have two small solid state practice amps as well.

    I use these amps as well for testing circuits, teaching, setting up guitars for customers and making demos.

    If I ever did play out again (doubt it) I would have plenty of kids willing to carry my tube amps.


    My daughter Paige jamming some Jimmy Page.

    Big O

    Nice rig, and I thought I was OCD when it came to my play around rig.  I have 2 Randall MTS Series amps (RM50 head and RM22 head) with Plexi and Top Boost preamp modules in the RM50 out to a Eminence British type speaker (Reignmaker) in a 2×12 cabinet.  The RM22 head is loaded with Blackface and JTM preamp modules out to a Radial Cabbone cabinet switcher to select either an American type speaker (Eminence Legend 1258) or British type speaker (Avatar Hellatone 30 – broken in Celestion G12H30).  The Reignmaker is dialed up to provide near max attenuation and therefore greater compression so that ear bleeding Marshall amp on 11 tones can be at close to bedroom levels.  The MTS preamp modules are basically the same topology as the original circuits they emulate so one is getting true Marshall, Fender, etc. amp sounds.

    The setup allows me to switch between most classic tones using an ABY switch.  Marshall Plexi and Vox from the RM50 and Fender Blackface, Marshall JTM and Fender Bassman from the RM22 depending upon which speaker type is selected.  The JTM and Bassman are nearly identical circuits.  One can also get the SRV mixed Fender/Marshall sound with a S-type guitar and using the Y function of the ABY switch.  Now only if I could play like SRV.  Took me over 10 years to accumulate the gear for this setup.


    Big O

    A picture of my main rig described above.  I have two other amps in my office, a rare Reverend Goblin 5/15 and the Big O “One Louder” amp that goes to 11, of course, output to a cheap Seismic Audio guitar speaker mounted in a cheap subwoofer cab from Dayton Audio/Parts Express (cabinet total cost of $79).


    Nice rack there Big-O

    I taught guitar lessons in a store that had a ton of Randall gear and I always thought they were under appreciated.

    You ever consider putting a Gramma under that whole rack for isolation from the floor?

    The only thing I need to get OCD about after seeing the photo is drinking more water. Not just in coffee form.

    Big O

    Actually there a permanent 1/4″ thick nylon felt pads underneath the feet.  Really don’t need much more isolation since it is on a hardwood floor installed on a concrete slab.

    I also forgot to mention my solid state Crate bass amp for the occasional bass playing.  And my Hurricane season water supply sitting in front of the rig, LOL!

    PRS Custom 24 (purchased used for a pretty cheap price a few years ago), Route 101 Solimar Custom with Splitable Hot Rails, and Brian Moore iGuitar9.13 with Midi and Piezo pickups (obtained when they were practically giving them away at fire sale prices) are on the wall and floor.  I get fairly good acoustic sounds with the Piezo pickup into an old Boss ME50 (Ebay for $50) set on acoustic simulator mode.  None of the equipment and guitars were purchased new, or without a major discount except the Solimar which cost less than a MIM Strat at the time.  Probably why Route 101 went out of business – you can’t get an American assembled guitar with numerous custom options for such a cheap price.  Not a good business model.  Just shows one can get fairly high end equipment at a reasonable price if one is a value shopper.

    Barry – Notice you have an Avatar speaker cab.  Why kind of speaker is loaded in it?


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