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    Hi Barry, hope you’re fine. I saw your video about the disturbance on youtube and thought you could probably help me. I bought one of this kit and i’ve finished it yesterday but it isn’t fine working. In fact, i have the distortion effect but the signal is weak compared to the clean signal and the leds don’t lighten. I have to say that i’m a bit novice in the diy pedals stuff so if you have any idea i’ll be glad to hear about it! Thanks and have a good day


    Hi Pierre – can you provide a good, clear solder-side photo as well? Besides good, clear, close-up photos from several angles and all sides, another good bit of info to share when requesting help is a list of voltage readings on the voltage supply, IC pins and any transistor pins. On another point, 90% of issues are simple soldering mistakes – either by cold\incomplete solder joints, solder-bridges, component orientation, or unintentionally swapped wiring.

    What we cannot see is the stompswitch and its wiring to the main board. That might prove helpful as well. From what I can see in the photo you have provided, it appears that R10, R5, R15 & C3 appear to be somewhat starved of solder. I’d start by reflowing the solder on those 4 components and carefully examine all other components for good solder flow to both sides of the PCB. Hope this helps.


    Check your Germanium Diodes very closely as they are FRAGILE so if you accidentally chip one when installing them then it will kill the sound.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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