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    Dan Brennan

    Hi folks

    first post here, I’ve asked mr billy knight about this and he directed me here so here goes.

    Im a bass player and when gigging I like using a mic on front or the cab as well as the DI from the amp head, I’d like to do this but only by using one of the input channels on my bands mixing desk.

    so I want to make a box that has

    1 XLR Input from the amps DI

    1 XLR input from the amps cab mic

    1 XLR output to go to the bands desk.
    I also want to add either 2 volume knobs 1 for the mic and 1 for the DI. OR a blend knob to control the ratio between both.

    billy suggested I might be able to use the Paramix PCB for this.

    im not sure how best to go about it. Should I add ground lift switches and phase switches ect ? Other knobs ? Maybe a blend and master volume ect? Will the paramix work?

    any wisdom from you folks would be much appreciated thank you


    The Paramix circuit uses unbalanced inputs.  If you have balanced XLR signals coming from the amp DI and the mic, you would only use the non-inverted signal from pin 2 and the ground at pin 1 to send to the Paramix.  SInce you are only sending these signals a short distance from the amp and mic to the enclosure, balanced XLR is typically not needed.

    The Paramix has a separate level pot for each signal.  This permits mixing the two signals in the ratio you desire.

    The output of the Paramix is an unbalanced non-inverted signal.  You would need to add a separate DI circuit (box) to change to a balanced signal with a XLR connection.  If the distance to the band mixing board is not excessive, you probably don’t need to use balanced XLR for that line.  Unbalanced 1/4″ plugs/jacks would suffice.  I suggest you try using unbalanced first before buying an additional DI to create balanced XLR.  Be careful to turn phantom power OFF at the mixers!

    A ground lift switch is useful when running signals to a back of house board that has a separate mains supply.  Sometimes this creates ground loops and hum.  For an on-stage system, I doubt you would need it.

    A phase switch simply reverses pins 2 and 3 in a XLR connection.  Sometimes it is useful to help control feedback or to provide stereo imaging.

    If you wish to build your own DI with balanced output, I can provide a schematic.  I hope this helps.



    Dan Brennan

    Hi wilkie


    thanks a lot for the reply very informative. I think probably the paramix with a separate DI board is the way to go then

    if you could send me a schematic that would be much appreciated! Thank you

    Dan Brennan

    Ps billy said that you would know the answer to this haha


    Aye did I not also say its a few bottles of the good stuff too?

    I’ll come round and collect them for Wilkie no problem Dan


    Tack this on to the OUT of a Paramix. You can eliminate the VOL pot shown as a 2KJ. (That’s Barry’s 2Knob Job).  I use those for a Solo switch.  This circuit provides a balanced out to a XLR as well as 1/4″ Normal and inverted outs.  You won’t need to buy a DI box.  Save your money for the good Scotch whisky you’ll buy for Billy!


    Haha cheers Ray

    I think once this madness is over young Dan should send u a wee flagon over

    When he messaged me with the initial idea I think coz we talk pedals a lot he thought I’d know, sadly my answer was not got a clue!

    Dan was getting desperate so I said don’t be desperate………Dan

    Calm yourself down with a slice of cow pie and post it on the GPCB forums I told you to join ages ago and hopefully Wikie1 who I think will know how to do it will take pity on you like he does with me and give you some of his great advice and knowledge

    Dan Brennan

    You paint some picture billy 😂. I’ll get yae a bottle of Irn bru and a Rangers scarf (couldn’t find toilet roll) ….final offer.

    thanks a lot for the schematic Ray! I really appreciate it!.


    Seeing as you’re a Celtic bhoy Dan

    I’ll overlook that comparison of toilet roll and one of the mighty Glasgow Rangers scarfs on this occasion only, but with all this panic buying madness I’ll take the toilet roll mate

    And seeing as you’re probably taller than desperate Dan in real life I’ll expect a fairly large one



    Let us know how your project turns out.

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