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    The Desktop Retro Tone Combo Station courtesy of Petevig!

    For more on building combos use our GUIDES PAGE resource.

    We encourage outside the box thinking instead of just copying another circuit and try something a bit more creative and perhaps even more useful.



    I absolutely love the look , layout, and labeling of this unit.  I have a similar idea in my head. I hope the time and energy to complete it arrives soon. It’s inspiring just to come here and gaze at all the projects, especially this one.


    Very nice combo! I wonder how subject to EMF noise the box will be since it is in a wooden box rather than a metal one.


    Robert Paul

    What an awesome build.  It looks absolutely great!  The look reminds me of a late 70’s stereo power amp or preamp.  I had thought about doing something similar myself at one time, but the only thing I attempted to box up like this was an amp I built.


    Robert Paul

    Here is what my “Box” looks like.  Not as nice as the Desktop Retro Tone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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