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    John Hamnett

    First off, what a great PCB layout with the 3PDT switch lugs in mind. I build one night and drilled the next – viola! Such an incredible sounding fuzz and can really go from sweet and smooth to nasty. Probably my most rewarding build so far.

    The third picture is of my recent quarantine builds: three Arc Effects Klones on the top (with GuitarPCB 3DPT boards), the DSOTM, and PUTB on the bottom. PUTB is cool, but I had to do some major troubleshooting – didn’t take the instruction’s advice and soldered in high-end hiss filter caps, which somehow were also cutting the pedal’s amplification way down. After removing, no hiss and a ton of fuzz.


    Excellent !


    Very nice and thanks for sharing!


    nice build, man.  that is a great layout.  i’ve found board mounted pots frustrate me.  bring this design back, Barry 😉

    Big O

    Great build! The DSOTM was my very first build ever. Its an amazing fuzz.

    I agree with another poster about board mounted pots. Even when it calls for them I tend to hand wire them. Partially because I don’t always want the layout but mostly because the stress of getting the drilling template right is annoying.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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