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    A local radio station engineer/sound tech/guitarist wanted me to duplicate a popular combo I did a few years back. He really loved the versatility of the ODC and DIstortion + combo I have as a demo in my shop.  The combo features all of the usual options for these circuits as well as order switching that really impressed him.

    Lately, I have been doing the enclosures in a brushed aluminum finish.  It’s really very easy.  I use a 220 grit belt sander for about 30 minutes to get the finish.  Then I spray 2 coats of clear acrylic to make a base for the waterslide decal.  The decal is printed and sealed before transferring to the enclosure.  After drying, I protect the whole enclosure with several coats of clear acrylic.  I find this process to be faster than trying to paint enclosures and I like the industrial look it provides.


    Sweet! Digging’ the coat-of-arms.


    That’s sweet! Love the brushed look. I’ve got to start taking the time to try some of these finishing ideas. I get antsy and want to wire them up, plug them in and play.

    Scott Preston

    Great looking build.  I’m sure it sounds great too.



    Excellent job! I think he is really going to like it.

    Additionally love seeing the Easy Order switching! More folks should be aware of the potential of our Easy Order switching boards as it takes two simpler circuits and turns them into a painters pallet of tone when using in tandem aka; stacking.


    Naaw!  He didn’t like it.  He LOVED it!  Even gave me a $50 tip!  Barry is right.  When we tested the finished pedal, he found all kinds of tonal variety using the order switching feature.


    That’s a beauty Ray liking it liking it a whole lot


    Totally pro!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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