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    Big O

    I am working on the mock up of a combo build I would like to do – Rangemaster + Plexi Plus + Tone Tweq.  Below is a drawing of the idea, which I think will work.  I want to add a switch to bypass the Plexi Plus for the Rangemaster effect only.  I am planning to do a multiple input cap select and off board 100K trimmer instead of the 68K resistor on the Rangemaster ala the PURP (but with slightly different values for the input caps). See below diagram

    I am also contemplating a SPDT switch off the board input of the footswitch to select out the Rangemaster as well, but not sure if I am going to do that yet.  Hopefully this will work as well.  See below.

    Any suggestions or helpful criticism welcomed. Input will be greatly appreciated.


    Your diagram will work as desired.  If you use DPDT foot switches, you can add status LEDs.

    Big O

    Thanks for your input Wilkie!  I had thought about using footswitches for the bypasses, but I’m still not sure about doing it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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