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    I just delivered this one to another guitarist in a local Denver band.  It is a combo of 4 boards mounted in a 125B enclosure.  The Colorsound Tonebender feeds a DPDT that chooses between an Emerald Ringer or direct into a Stage 3.  A 3PDT board handles the status Green LED and bypass.

    Barry helped me solve how to print gold lettering onto a Military Green background.  His method worked great!  I did use several coats of acrylic spray for protection and high gloss.





    Freakin Awesome!!!



    Nice Mr Wilkinson sir!


    Scott Preston

    nice work Wilkie – what was the technique Barry recommended to get the gold to work over green?




    Instead of using a water slide decal, Barry uses white photo paper and prints the lettering over a dark background.  His technique is shown  in the forum here:

    I used a laser printer to print on special HP laser brochure stock.  The background color was matched as closely as I could by changing the RGB color code.  The decal was glued on with the purple 3M glue stick he uses.  Instead of using Armor-All, I used clear acrylic spray to protect the pedal.



    Very cool Wilkie!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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