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    This is my take on Barry’s “Super Drive 70’s” build. I give you, the “Cachaphonic Crockpot” . . . .

    Just the straight-up build, using the toggle switch mods for the bass boost options and a clipping diode selection daughterboard because the diodes & configuration I selected just wouldn’t fit on the main board. I’m using some large NOS high-Vfd Germanium glass diodes. There is no marking on them, I only know from the vendor that they are Mullard, are rejects for their hi-Vfd and are unmarked. Tested, they measure about 0.62v Fvd – 2 in series on one side and 3 in series on the other for asymmetry. The other clipping diode setup are two 3mm UV LEDs with a Fvd of about 1.2 volts. The idea was to keep the volume difference between Silicon and Germanium diode switching to a minimum.

    Mostly, I wanted to build this circuit for the potential for an awesome interface and I think I may have gotten close to that. Based on the photos, you can decide.


    The finished project:


    And here’s the sexy part – the gutshot:


    The part I enjoy most about pedal building is populating a PCB and creating the enclosure graphics. For PCB population I use a soldering iron. For enclosure creation I use Photoshop and either inkjet waterslide decal stock or straight-up photo paper. After adding the last component to a board, I like to take a photo of the result:

    Anyway, thanks for looking. Happy building!


    There’s an artist among us!  Beautiful work!


    Well that sure looks prettier than mine I think. I love having it all in one enclosure as I use al three of the circuits in tandem with each other to suit my mood and styles.

    Very nice job!


    Feel free to throw some attaboys around folks.

    I see a llot of folks have looked at this thread so be sure to spread some love.


    Wiring inside of this looks as good as the enclosure art. Amazing you can manage this amount of wiring without the clutter. Mine would look like chaos. I especially like the toggle mods.  Great work!



    Barry W Davis

    Man that looks awesome!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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