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    So I think I am ready to start making my pedals a little more custom.  I ordered 4 Buff n Blends today.  What are your favorite circuits to incorporporate the BNB?  I have a Mastodon on order, so going to try it there.  What other circuits do you like th BNB in?  Thanks in advance.


    So there are many choices.

    I guess it is always good to decide if the circuit is inverted or non-inverting. Not because one is better but to plan if using an (inverted) circuit you will need another (inverted) Stage 3 Booster circuit to create a complete (non-inverted) circuit to use with the Buff N Blend. This can actually be beneficial in additional ways.

    For example:

    Our MoRC Compressor is (inverted) so you need to add an extra (inverted) stage like our Stage 3 Booster.

    How is this beneficial?

    You will end up with a seriously upgraded Compressor for Bass or 6 String that has a dedicate Volume control and a Blend to mix in or out as much clean signal as you need giving you far many more tonal options to suit the discriminating guitarist.

    Since the Mastadon is (inverting) you will need to add a Stage 3. The Stage 3 is the least likely Boost (stage) to mess with your original tone. If you set it up Biased at 4.5v and use it as a mild boost it will only make things sound better while maintaining transparency.

    That is just one idea for starters.

    Read our Phase Follies Guide from the Guides Page.


    Thanks, Barry, I have a few stage 3’s floating around in my ever growing pile of boards.  I suppose to keep it inverting properly I will need to wire the stage 3 as always on rather than on a footswitch?  Bypassing it would negate the effect of inverting, correct?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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