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    My first mod was on the Big Muff. I was new, but was able to figure out the Mid mod recommended on the Kit Rea site. It boosted my confidence, so I took the leap and put the Buff n Blend in the Muff. I was overjoyed with how useful the Big Muff became. I play a lot of mellow/dinner gigs, and a half cut fuzz is wonderfully smooth.

    I had trouble getting the Buff to work with the Muff at first, due to my lack of knowledge. But got it going by putting the Buff, without a 3pdt switch, next to the Muff 3pdt, basically wiring the Buff to be a second switch, always on. With an LED, always on, inside the box of the Muff. Along with a spider web of wires.

    With two LED’s (on the Buff n Blend, and the original Big Muff) glowing, they must have mellowed the Big Muff because I recently reworked the Buff n Blend into the Big Muff, properly using the Muff 3pdt. I removed the Big Muff red LED, and used only the LED from the Buff n Blend, a BRIGHT green one. Now with the VOLUME at 12, TONE at 8, (barely on) and the SUSTAIN 8 (barely on), the pedal is INTENSE. My old settings were VOL full, TONE 3, SUS 11, and the blend to taste.

    How do I rework the second LED into the Big Muff?

    Or, Is this just a case of increasing the CLR on the Buff n Blend circuit?

    The reason for the rework is that I have decided to chop the Big Muff Pi box by a few inches. Making it pedalboard friendly.

    Here are two photo’s. I will go back into the Muff and see which CLR I used on the Buff n Blend.




    The CLR on the Buff n Blend is 1k8. Is that too low? Does it effect tone?




    This is a quick reply (maybe someone has time to jump in later) as i have a lot to do today.

    That said the 1k8 is bright. The higher you go the less bright it is up to about 4k7.

    If you attached the LED to power and did not have at least 1k8 you would likely blow the bulb so fast you would not even notice it. I also keep a coin battery (3v to 5v) handy for checking LEDs in a pinch.

    I cannot make out the wiring or Buff N Blend details using the photos available to make any exact deductions.



    I’m the designated jumper, I guess.

    Barry has correctly addressed the issue of LED brightness.  Larger value resistor will yield dimmer LED.

    I suspect you are confusing LED brightness with volume of the effect.  LEDs have nothing to do with the sound.

    I am concerned that you may have the BnB and the Muff wired incorrectly.  We can’t tell from your photos.  Please review the BnB build documents and look at the wiring diagram.  It show the correct way to wire the two boards.  The SEND on the BnB must connect to the IN of the Muff and the OUT of the Muff connects to the RETURN of the BnB.

    If you have the boards wired correctly, the BLEND pot will sweep between full direct signal to full Muff signal.

    I hope this helps.



    The Buff n Blend works as it should. It’s a great addition to any pedal.

    I’m asking if the overall tone and volume of the Big Muff would be affected by having two LED’s? Somehow when I had one connected to the Buff n Blend permanently on inside the Box, and the standard LED on the Big Muff, the effect was more subdued. Or was it tamed by going through two switches, two LED’s, and more wires?


    This is the set up with the Buff and Blend.




    Thanks Ray!

    The LED’s have nothing to do with the Audio Path at all so no worries.

    You should be able to hook it up like the diagram as I have done this with commercial pedals as well but as long as it is working for you i would not mess with it and I am glad you are seeing the wonderful benefit of adding a blend knob to any circuit!!




    I’m starting to realize that, yes, I should just enjoy the blend on the Big Muff. If I want to tame it a bit, I’ll mod it.

    I will however increase the CLR, as the green LED is blinding.

    Thanks for all the help. Rock on.

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