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    Hi there,
    I’m new and a noob.

    I tried to make a buff and blend pedal, to have an effect loop whenever I need it for my home studio.

    So far it dosent work properly:

    disengaged: everything is ok.
    Dry signal ok.
    Wet signal: no signal (noise).
    The blending pot seems to work but its blends with no wet signal.

    I checkek the send signal, it is fine.

    So I think the problem might be in the return section or in my wiring.

    Any idea ?

    Thank you 🙂



    Your picture appears to show that the red power lead is attached to the wrong lug of the power jack.  If you have power and the LED is lighting, then I am wrong.


    I have power, the led goes red or green when I’m switching


    I can’t help with your wiring since the photos can’t show all of the destinations clearly.  The wires are too jumbled.

    Check the following:

    Confirm that you are getting a signal back to the board at the RETURN pad.  Confirm that the return signal is attached to the pad that has a small letter “T” next to it.  This is a common error.  All signal wires must be attached tot he pads with a “T”.

    Confirm that you have a jumper installed at the R5 location.

    If these are all OK, then you should reflow all solder joints on the board and at all jacks and pots.

    If this does not help, send us better photos showing both sides of the board and all wiring to jacks and pots.  You will need to untangle the wires so we can clearly see where each wire goes.



    Thank you for the answer.

    My problem seems to be solved.

    I mesured the voltage on the return jack and I had 0v.

    So I just removed the black wire on the return pad and it now it works. I thought it was a ground pad, but apperently not.

    Should I do the same with the black wire of the send pad ?

    I have to do more checks because it’s still noisy and the sound isn’t good, but I need to wait to get my pedals back.

    Im testing with my soundcard and symetric jacks which is not ideal.




    It seems odd that removing a ground wire would suddenly make the circuit function.  However, if it works now, I see no reason to make other changes at this point.  See what results you get using your pedals.


    I wanted to add a note that a continuity test shows that (each pad beside every (T) pad) on the In, Out, Send and Return sections all beep and share a common ground and indeed are all ground. So schematically they are ground and physically they are ground.

    One other note is this project is mainly designed to add a Blend Knob to an individual project that does not invert the phase into a single enclosure. The Paramix is the Big Brother which has phase switching and is meant to be used in the manner you are using above. The BNB will work but you will have no phase switching unless you add in a switchable gain stage like the Stage 3 Booster.

    The Buff N Blend again was meant to be a small add-on board to any Main Circuit giving it a simple Blend control. Due to its size it will fit in a standard enclosure with whatever Main Circuit you are using with it resulting in a cool circuit with a boutique Blend control. The much larger Paramix board has many additional features including phase switching, tails etc but due to its size must be built on its own and is to be used in its own enclosure as a loop.

    See below a Modded Muff w/ Tone TwEQ 3 Band EQ and a Buff N Blend all inside a single enclosure.

    This was its intended use.


    Thank you for the complete answer !

    If I knew earlier for the paramix I would have chose it.  I might add a stage 3 circuit later.


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