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    Hi guys,

    I dropped my pedal off the bench and snapped the knob off, looking at a schematic of this pedal says VR1 should be 250KA. Pedalapartsaustralia don’t have this particular pot can I substitute a B100K in instead?


    The control is for the Distortion part (dont laugh at me for owning a Metal Zone Pedal I swapped a guitar worth $20 for it!) I know it may change the position but will it still get the full range of excruciating noise?

    Thanks in advance



    Without seeing the schematic, I presume that it does need up to 250K resistance to provide the correct amount of distortion. You can use a 500K pot with a 500K resistor wired between lugs 1 and 3 to provide the 250K resistance.  (The taper would change a bit.)  Or you could add a 150K resistor in series at lug 1 of the B100K pot.  This would give you 250K at the full CW rotation but only 100K at full CCW rotation.  This would limit the amount of control you would have.

    I looked at the website for PEDALPARTS Australia and They are showing several types of 250K LOG pots (250KA or A250K) as well as 500K LOG pots.


    I was looking up Boss Parts on the website which doesn’t have the 250KA pot because the existing one looks like this but I suppose I could do a bit of a mod to fit the Vimex brand in there,

    Thanks Wilkie1


    POT B100K - D SHAFT

    Barry W Davis

    Try web searching for 250k 9mm pot right angle

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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