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    CK Williams

    Hello all,


    I recently acquired a batch of unbuilt pedal projects, and in this batch was a BMP OA v1 kit, sold via Mammoth Electronics. The REALLY old one, with the brown-ish PCB, with no markings. The link for instructions lead me back to guitarpcb.com, but the old documents have been removed. I have searched in this forum, the old forum, and all over the new and old sites. I have not had any luck in finding the build dox for V1. Does anyone happen to have this laying around?




    That is a hand etched board dating back 10 years.

    Madbean and I started out this way but soon found out too many people had issue soldering (lack of soldering skills) so we quickly ditched the idea for proper PCB Mask boards rendering the hand etched obsolete. Add to that way too much blood, sweat and chemicals were involved.

    Here is the BUILD DOCUMENT you need.



    CK Williams

    Thanks so much, Barry! Started work on this, this evening. I’ve built the v2, and it was great. Thanks again!

    CK Williams

    Thanks for the doc, Barry. Turned out great! Went all black for the color scheme, except for the switches, and blue LED. Sounds great!


    Nicely done!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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