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    Gilles Genete


    I assembled the Black Dog pedal from GuitarPCB kit , via Musikding.de.

    here is the photo

    just finished, but  it doesn’t work:

    bi-color LED is OK: green = by-pass and my guitar sings

    effect engaged LED red = no signal at all, my guitar doesn’t sing, not even any hum in the amp.

    I double checked my assembly : OK versus schematic/lay-out,

    but there are few differences between the photo that illustrate the guide and the lay-out:

    C3 and C13 = 1n on photo vs 100n on lay out and schematic

    C9 and C11 = 100n on phto vs 1 n on lay-out and schematic

    but I don’t think those changes would suppress any signal to go through: do you ?

    I suspect I didn’t take enough care of the 3 BS170 when handling them to fit in : how can I check them ?

    Any other idea for checking ?


    thanks for help.


    The Build document Bill of Materials and the schematic are correct.  C3 and C13 are 100n. C9 and C11 are 1n.

    The wire from the PC board OUT to the foot switch lug 7 must connect to the pad marked with a letter “T” on the board.  I think you have it connected to the next pad which is the ground connection.


    Wilkie is correct. You did not use the (T) or Tip pad on either the In or the Out from the main board.

    For others reading: This is why we ask for photos. You get a quick and accurate answer in most cases.

    I would suggest being very careful not to overheat the board pads while changing.

    Here is one of the many helpful PDF Guides available from the Guides Page which you can access from either the Home Page or the Main Forum Page. Additionally make sure there is a layer of non-conductive protection between the back of any Metal Potis or potentiometers and the solder side of the circuit board.


    Gilles Genete

    Allright, thank you very much for help,

    I corrected the wrong soldering, and it works well.

    These 4 solderings were the last I did at the end of the day, so I didn’t pay enough attention to the “T” and the lay-out,


    OK , my next business is assembly of a MadAmp G3 Blues :-)))))


    Thank you for sharing your success. We always want to know when someone fixes their problem so we are not left hanging in the wind so again thanks and enjoy! Also once you build one of ours all other builds are wired in the same manner but keep in mind there are options within options depending on your build style.


    Nice work! Love the Black Dog! It SINGS with humbuckers.


    I still haven’t heard my own Black Dog build. Guess I need to get back on the bench and finish wiring it up. Looking forward to hearing it. Hope it turns out as nice as yours.

    Where did you find the 3-hole LED mounting base? I’ve not been able to locate the 3-hole insulation bases for LED mounts.

    Gilles Genete

    Hello All,

    as said in my previous post, I did assemble the MadAmp G3 Blues,

    just finished this morning !

    and know what ? it worked at 1st power on , haha !

    3watts of quiet blues tones for bedroom playing.


    Well done!

    Gilles Genete

    Thanks Barry,


    next build is ordered : Who’s Next kit !

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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