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    Gilles Genete


    I just received my Black Dog kit from GuitarPCB via their European distributor Musikding.de.

    Sorry if my following questions seem basic, but there is a small green pcb for the footswitch that is not sescribed in the Build Document

    Should I solder the footswitch directly on this small pcb then wire the small pcb to the main pcb?

    does the mark diode D1 on the small pcb correspond to the diode D5 on the main pcb ?

    what is the CLR mark on small pcb ?

    here is a picture for my questions, thanks for help


    You can find a guide for every product by visiting the shop page for that item. The wiring board offers many advantages over using just the foot switch. It uses a standard wiring scheme built in with additional options so you do not need to Star Ground etc…

    Here is the link for the 3PDT Wiring Board Document:


    Make sure you use the (T) pad on the main board In and Out. The other pad is a ground.

    Make sure you put the finished build in the enclosure with loose pots before you solder them to the board. Those are two of the most common mistakes. It is better to fit the pots in the enclosure first and then the board before soldering them.

    Also we suggest going to our guides section before building since all of our builds use the same scheme.

    The CLR white pad is so you know the 2nd color of a Bicolor LED or “the OFF color”. If you only use a standard on/off LED you are not to use the white pad as it is only for a bi-color led. This is explained in the build document.

    Guides Page

    Gilles Genete

    @Barry, thank you for reply and help,

    that should solve my questions. 🙂


    Be sure not to miss our other guides for beginners:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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