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    After having Barry’s “Black Dog” PCB for nearly a year, it is now completed. I added a silicon fuzz face (BC109) to the front of the internal chain and gave each their own stompswitch. And as always, used Barry’s 3P2T stompswitch PCBs. The Black Dog is completely stock, except the placement of the indicator LED. (The Fuzz Face has a moved LED placement too.) The LEDs are beneath eyes of the dog in waterslide graphic. I fired it up this afternoon and was completely delighted to have it run right the first time. Even minimal bias setting of the FF was dead on. I played with the bias trimmer, but put it back to the minimal position as it provided the best sustain. Now on to the pics . . . .


    Ta da . . . . !


    All lit up . . . .


    I still drill enclosures with a hand drill.


    Layout and placement . . .


    Trying out the new pots from BLMS. (I don’t care for the larger hole required for these pots – so I won’t be using many more of these in the future.)


    And finally, the finished gut shot. (Yeah, the LED daughterboard is epoxied in place.)


    Neatly done!  I put too much stuff in my enclosures to be neat.  I just cram it all in as long as it works.  That’s why I hate to show gut shots.  You make it look easy!


    Killer graphic and layout. So is the FF first into the Black Dog? Those are two circuits I have never played with, though I have several FFs in my bin. Can you tell me about the LED board? Where is that from?


    Very nice Mark supercool looking thing inside and out

    I’m taking it looking at your wiring you’ve used bi colour LEDs on your wee vero board


    That sure is sweet and I always appreciate the extra photos and story!

    I am also loving the glowing eyes!

    Thank you for sharing.


    Thanks folks. I appreciate the feedback and questions.

    Wilkie – Keeping the wiring neat and just long enough for routing and still being able to reverse-Tetris the guts out for troubleshooting is a challenge. I rally like avoiding the need to unsolder anything in a build if I have to troubleshoot it and\or do any repairs or mods. Admittedly, it is not easy.

    Matt – yes, the FF feeds the Black Dog. The LED daughterboard is just a bit of vero that I cut to the size as shown in the photo to handle the repositioning of the bi-color LEDS beneath the eyes of the dog.

    Billy – yes, bi-color LEDS beneath the eyes of the dog on the vero daughterboard.

    Barry – in all honesty, it is the leg-up you provide with such great PCB projects on which to build the pedals you inspire. Thanks for the kind words.

    Scott Preston

    Awesome build Mark.  Clean inside and killer graphics.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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