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    Art Villarreal

    First time poster, noob builder and I have a question. The C8 is calling for a 120p capacitor and I have 100p. Is there much of a difference in the two or can I substitute the 100 for the 120? If not, I am making a trip to my local electronic shop for one. Thanks for your help.


    No you are good.

    Build and enjoy!

    Art Villarreal

    Well, I decided to test the build before I started on my enclosure, and good thing. I didn’t get any sound when on and my battery lead melted at the battery and my battery got real hot. I can’t seem to figure out what might be the problem. I wired everything following the build document. I didn’t use the 3PDT wiring board mainly because the build doc stated I did not have to populate R28 but there is no R28 on the board. Please excuse my shoddy work. This is my first ever build. I checked under magnification and didn’t see any solder touching or any wires on the switch were touching either. I haven’t connected the bi-color led yet. I don’t think that matters though. Any advice would be appreciated. Oh and when testing I ensured that no pots were touching and my board was on my bed.



    The battery overheating usually means a dead short (ground connected to power 9v) post a picture of your power wiring to the battery and dc jack if you used one so we can trace it, check your power and ground wires aren’t connected somewhere or touching in some way

    Use your meter to continuity check the 9v and gnd pads on the pcb this will quickly tell you if you have a short, you don’t need to power the circuit, you can also continuity check your DC jack power lugs don’t have continuity with ground – your ground lug with board 9v lug and ring with battery 9v lugs or for the battery just check the two connections on the actual snap don’t have continuity see below you don’t want continuity on the green lines

    All your values and orientation look correct to me

    We’d also need to see the in jack stereo socket I can only see the out socket

    If you’re using one what type of power adaptor is it

    Once you get it fired up you’ll love it, it’s a glorious circuit


    Art Villarreal

    I got the board working. I think what happened was I touch the ground and battery on the ac plug with the testing terminals I was using. I put a new battery terminal and carefully connected the terminals. Everything sounded great. Thanks for your help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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