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    I’m not a bass player and I don;t have a bass rig, yet I’ve been commissioned to run up two pedals for friends. I’m about to do the Bass Overdriver (well, the Three Time Champ, but to Bass OD specs) for a guy who specifically asked for bass boost with some snarl. Sounded like just the ticket. Meanwhile one of my very best friends saw my BMPOA with the TT recently and asked for a bass version- he’d like a bass boost/fuzz with some EQ tweakability (mainly the low end) but specifically wants a mid sweep.

    So I ask of you, is there a mod to the Bass Overdriver to put a mid sweep pot in (doesn’t immediately look like it) or would something like the Colortone Bass Fuzz be a better candidate? My first of these two pedals (snarler for bass) needs to be done before I leave on Feb 1, and I have all the components prepped for  assembly. That’s easy (unless there’s a mod…) But the second one I have until about April to figure out a mid-sweepable bass fuzz. Any suggestions? Thanks!


    I would personally suggest adding a Tone TwEQ for a completely adjustable 3 Band EQ which both adds tone as well as cut tone (in a shelving manner). This to me would be very much like a mini Bass preamp as long as it is built to Bass OD specs and the Tone TwEQ is already Bass Ready (which is why we have two separate boards so folks will actually try one or the other based on their needs). We have no plans for any type of parametric EQ as there is just not enough of a need for one currently.

    I would suggest wiring it like this so you only need “One Volume Pot”.

    The Tone TwEQ Volume Pot is replacing the “Main Board” Volume Pot in this example.


    Here are the response curves for the Tone TwEQ.  It shows the shelving type controls for Bass and Treble.


    Copy that, thank you guys. This started when he saw my Plexi build with a S3 (coming soon to the forum) and my BMPOA with ToneTwEQ (posted a few weeks ago) that got him going. For the record, the BMP is being played by a bass player now and he absolutely loves it, and I did wire it that way- I’m using the TT vol pot as the master. The mid sweep was the request of the next guy asking for a pedal.

    Perhaps I’ll build up a Bass OD with a TT and simply hide the High pot as a trimmer internally to show him a Vol, Drive, Mid and Low. Bet he’d love that. Throw an image of Derek Smalls on it and ship it off. Should have hit that sale last week!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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