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    Toon van Lieshout

    Hi there. Ordered from the store in Germany. Tried to build a microamp. Seems ok but there is no amplification, only the guitar’s original signal. Turning the knob has no effect. What to do next to investigate? Thank you for your advice.


    From what I can see in the close up photo, some of those solder joints look a bit starved for solder. I suggest first reflowing the solder joints and adding a touch of solder where the solder appears starved.


    Defo agree with Cybercow we cant see any solder on a good few pads on the component side you sometimes get it coming through which is an indication its melted enough if not enough heat is applied the solder will sometimes be ball shaped and chalky inside meaning it doesn’t have a good connection between the solder pad and component leg

    So I’d expect there to be a few dry solder joints upload an image of the solder side too

    Also take your IC pin voltages which may give us an indication of your problem area


    Hello and welcome.

    As Cybercow pointed out you need to go over the entire build and reflow solder. There does not need to be a ton of solder but there must be enough.

    See the Image below. I pointed out the very obvious ones and I put a question mark by ones I cannot tell from photo.


    Also see my Soldering Tutorial below I took from the Guides Page.

    I hope that helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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