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    Building the angry red 🐪. I’ve searched the forum and didn’t see this as a topic so……I’m confused by the wiring diragram. I thought the T next to the in and out was to go to input/output jack tip. In the build docs, not only is the in/out backwards (wrong side of the board), the T from the in and out goes to the 3pdt. I’m fairly new at this, but that looks wrong based on other guitarpcb.com build I’ve done. Am I missing something?


    Since the board is always meant to be component side up the board In/Out are on the wrong side in this old board by convenience sake, agreed. As a result this one board is required to be wired this way to keep it component side up. Wire it exactly the way shown and it will work properly.

    The actual In/Out Jacks are on the correct side but the board pads are located on the opposite side so it would mean having the purple wiring just a bit longer than normally needed (to be crossed) as shown in the diagram.

    I hope that helps and we will have to put this board in for an overhaul as it was one of the first boards we converted so many years ago to fabrication and perhaps it was going to be face down. I honestly do not remember now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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