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    Hi as mentioned in this post: https://guitarpcb.com/forums/topic/completed-my-first-2-builds-sunn-model-t-and-ratt/

    I have completed these two and are working to put them in a housing (got the enormous Hammond 1550J Box, (65X175X275MM)

    Now I want to connect the internal leads (power, signal and the swtiches and pots) with pcb connectors, much easier and I will be able to rearrange some things by just swapping a connector.

    Will these fit: https://www.musikding.de/PCB-connector-2-pins (or 3 pins for the pots). I think for the pots I can just use 3 strands next to each other, same for power. For signal I think I will use a cable with the signal in the center with the shield around it.

    Also will Musikding also carry the Screamer preamp as a kit?

    Thank you again for the assistance


    It may be a while till Musikding carries the Tube Screaming Preamp as a kit because it is new and i have to ship him the boards from the USA.

    As for connectors to poteniometer pads with the smaller pad we refer to those as Pin Headers.

    I do not really care for them myself but I have seen others use them.

    You must have a 2.54mm or 0.1″ spacing for them to fit either the potentiometer pads or the T&S Pads on the Input and Output. Here is a LINK for an example.


    They make them in two wire, 3 wire (seen above) and other forms. The 2.54mm or 0.1″ size is important.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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