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    Hey, so I’m looking for some advice and/or confirmation here. I’ve built a couple pedals before from PCBs, but nothing to this extent.

    I’m trying to design a somewhat complicated pedal – it’s a distortion (RAT) with a clean boost (Stage 3) and an octave up (Emerald Ring). However, I want to add a clean blend to it. Seems simple enough, right? I also want that clean blend to optionally have an FX loop – so I can either blend in a clean tone, or if there’s something in the FX loop, blend in that signal (ie. a clean tone with delay being blended into a distorted tone). I figure that could give some cool sounds.

    My question is… how do I accomplish this? I found a tagboard diagram for a “split and blend” circuit but I’m not immediately seeing how to incorporate it into the pedal. Am I right to assume that the grey wire leading to pin 3 of the Blend knob would instead go to the “In” of the distortion/boost circuit, then the “Out” from that circuit would then complete the connection to pin 3? Or am I understanding this incorrectly?


    Or better yet, is there an easier way to do this? I’ve looked at the Buff N Blend and ParaMix PCBs here but both only seem to do half of what I’m looking for (blend OR fx loop).




    If you do not use something like the Paramix you will have Phase issues.

    I suggest looking into the Paramix. It will add blend to any amount of circuits you wish to place in the loop without a mess of phase cancellation problems every time you switch a circuit combo.


    Thanks Barry, the Paramix seems to be exactly what I need now that I look at it more closely.


    I’m just gonna spitball some ideas here to see if I’m on the right track. So I’ve got two signals – we’ll call them FUZZ (which is the Rat/Stage 3 signal I mentioned above, plus an Emerald Ring I’ve decided to include) and EFFECT (which would be whatever effects the player would put in the effect loop).


    My thought is I would hardwire the FUZZ circuit to the Insert In/Insert Out of the Paramix. With FUZZ off, it would be pure dry tone, and with it on it would be the “default” tone of the pedal. Then the player could insert any pedal(s) into the Loop, into the EFFECT chain, and both could be blended together.


    So my two questions would be:

    1. Would pressing the ParaMix’s stomp button just toggle the effects loop? This would be my ideal behaviour.
    2. If nothing were to be in the Effects Loop, would any signal pass through the EFFECT circuit? Ideally, I’d like to have it blend in whatever pedals are connected if any, and if there are none, it would blend in a clean tone. I see that the Effects Loop has this feature, would it be enough to use a switched jack for the SEND jack connected to the RETURN jack?

    I might just be overthinking everything of course.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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