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    The Add Verb build document shows the main PCB with a 27k resistor at R2 but the BOM notes it should be a 100k resistor. My kit includes the 27k resistor… is that  the correct resistor to use at R2?

    Many thanks in advance!


    The BOM in my build doc for the Add Verb shows 27K. It’s what I used and works well.

    And if you look closer, R2 shows as 27K in the graphic for the PCB component values.


    I can see some confusion.  The schematic showed R2 as 100K.  The BOM also showed 100K.  This would yield a gain of 2 for IC1a.  27K would yield a gain of 7.4.

    Perhaps there was a change when Barry updated the wiring diagrams?


    Wilkie – I can see the discrepancy in the build doc that is online with PCB page. But the build doc I have has 27K across the board (BOM, schematic and PCB image) for R2. I suspect an error on the updated version that resides in the online PCB page..


    Yes a quick Forum search indicates we updated this board to 27k to add a little extra Volume to the circuit.

    I was personally fine with 100K but 27k added more.

    Either way all is well and I will fix the Doc.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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