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    i was saving this for my combo entry later this year But I just heard one of my guitar heroes, Dick Dale has passed away.

    Does this circuit get drippy enough to get some surf sounds? I was going to pair it up with a light OD (tbd) and make a tribute pedal. I’ve got an Ancestral all done, but I’m not vibing with it and can’t decide what to do with it right now. Any thoughts?


    If you want the true Dick Dale sound, you will need to get a Fender Pro Reverb amp with an Accutronics SPRING reverb.  That was his trademark.  The reverb circuits that use a “brick” for the reverb do sound close to the spring.  But only close.  The untrained ear is often fooled by them though.  Some very expensive digital versions do come even closer.


    Being the owner of a Fender Twin I have to concur that for Surf Tones nothing beats the real thing. That said I think I can come close with the Ancestral Apparition myself since real spring reverbs are expensive.


    Well, I’m always one for authenticity, but my intent here is to keep it in the GPCB family, if you will. I did my research years ago and I know that if I wanted the “real” sound I’d have to hang a tank over a stage and use a pair of Bassmans but come on now. We build pedals to emulate the sounds we love. I’m going for the tribute sound here. I’ve been playing the Ancestral and I just can’t quite click with it. I think I’ll build up the Add-Verb and toy with the two together and see what they sound like.

    I haven’t actually boxed up the Ancestral- I think the delay on top of the verb is throwing me off. So I’m interested in a more verby verb, which is why I was asking about the Add-Verb’s qualities. I have a tank on my Fender amp, but that’s not the point! I can’t paint that gold and put surf logos on it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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