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    Tom Sibren

    Hi folks,

    I just built The Acapulco from Musikding but have 2 issues.

    1. Bypass isn’t working. When the pedal is off no signal passes through.

    2. When the pedal is on, the volume is incredibly low and I only hear the effected signal at 100% volume but it’s just very fuzzy/distorted and very low volume.

    Maybe I’m missing something obvious or maybe it’s bad luck with one of the components.

    Here’s a picture of the inside.

    Tom Sibren

    I think I found the issue. The blue cable for Jack Out. When I mess with that a bit it goes in and out.

    I also managed to get a radio station frequency with the volume on my guitar turned down haha.

    Tom Sibren

    Fixed the audio/bypass.

    Now for the high freq tone when I touch one of the 4 cables to the chassis and the radio receiver. Hope a little electrical tape will fix that.

    Has anyone here had a radio frequency before? I know it can be common.

    The high frequency tone comes up when I have the Acapulco at 100% and the volume of my guitar all the way down.


    RF noise is fairly common on high gain pedals particularly the fuzz face there are lots of things people do to rectify it I myself just leave it I kinda like it, pretty cool between songs!

    A common cure is to use a ferrite bead on the input wire separating your power and audio wires and shortening them can also help

    In your case not so easy with yours running paralell, if you can,  make sure your power and audio wires aren’t twisted or entangled try separating them and move them apart as much as you can if they have to cross try doing it like this + rather than this I I

    Here’s some methods if you scroll down to radio noise


    Tom Sibren

    Thank you Billy! Also for the link.

    I’m going to shorten the wires to the main pcb first, see how that goes. And also try to keep them all from being parallel.

    Tom Sibren

    So tangling the 9v and ground wires like this, will it make any difference or actually cause more issues? Or should I keep them away from the audio (I/O which are green and blue) wires? Thanks again in advance for any feedback!

    Tom Sibren

    Did a rewiring this morning. It doesn’t fix the RF and high frequency squeel feedback at 100% but it does sound a little cleaner. No real issues anymore at 80% either. I think I’ll leave it the way it is now and get on with the next pedal (Vector delay pedal).


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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