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    Big O

    Finished my Photon Phuzz, which I happened to start working on when Pink Jimi Photon visited the forum here recently.  Not built to the exact specs, but within the given parameter range of some of the components per the instructions.  I didn’t have a 5pF capacitor for C3, so I used a 7pF as it was the closest I had.  Didn’t have a 3.9M resistor for R2, so I used a 4.7M that I had on hand (and this measured 4.2 M on my multimeter) so it was pretty close.  For R4, the closest I had was 18R instead of the 16R that was prescribed in the instructions.  Finally, I used a 220nF cap in parallel with a 470nF cap in lieu of the 680nF cap at C2, since I didn’t have the required one, but the total capacitance measured 661nF so it was within 5% tolerance. The parallel capacitor arrangement is on perfboard and located to the right of the main board in the gutshot.  Unfortunately, the extra wires make the internal layout a little more messier than I would have liked.

    The Warp control is the bias pot.  Turning it to the right, the pedal sounds more like an OD/Distortion.  Turn it to the left and the fuzz commences.  As it turns to the left it adds more grit/graininess and starts to have some gating.  Gets a pretty good Inna Gadda Da Vita vibe when the fuzziness is adjusted.  I used a BC108, having an HFE of >400, which I like best in this pedal.  Tried other transistors with gains of 140 and 250 HFE.  Not much fuzz to be had with the 140 HFE transistor and not very loud.  The 250 HFE transistor was louder and a little more fuzzy.  IMO this pedal sounds better with transistors of a higher HFE value, but I didn’t try anything more gainy than the BC108, so I don’t know how anything around 600 HFE would sound in this circuit.




    A toast to the fine quality “ear” for fuzz that Pink Jimi has!


    i’m not worthy!


    glad you had fun with it. its a stupid simple circuit to work with, its got at least a 20% tolerance or greater on most parts.

    your subs are fine. you’ll get subtle differences perhaps, but who cares?

    EVERY fuzz should be unique.

    thanks for the build report, and the kind words i def don’t deserve

    peace my friends


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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