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    Hello all,

    Building my first pedal, a 69 Stones pedal but am running into some problems.  Some are caused by me and some might be from lack of pedal building knowledge and others might be my unfamiliarity of pedals (learning to play bass but wife wanted pedals for her guitar) and how much they effect the signal.  Below is an image of the build and description of the problems.  Let me know if you need more info or clarifications.

    • I soldered in the green LED wrong so when the pedal is bypassed the LED is on and when it is engaged the LED is off.  Would this have an effect on the below?
    • Bass pot doesn’t do anything
    • Drive pot works, but the effect seems pretty subtle (not really sure if this pedal gets heavily overdriven)
    • Treble pot just seems to make things a bit brighter and scratchier

    Here are some values I tested

    Power – 8.67

    Trimmer – 4.96 on leg 1

    Bass Pot – 907

    Q1 – 5.37

    Q2 – 8.70

    Q3 – 4.36

    Q4 – 8.67

    Q5 – 4.96





    First I’d  check what you get compared to the demo

    Your LED wouldn’t affect the circuit and looking at your wiring it looks correct should light in effects mode with S4 and 5 connecting the LED to ground

    I’ve checked all the values I can see and they all look correct

    The bass pot and treble pot should increase and decrease bass and treble double check you have the correct value potentiometers where they should be

    Anyway let us know if it sounds similar to the demo and we can take it from there


    Checked the pedal vs the demo and we are in the ballpark, thanks for sending that over.  I will be checking over the weekend to make sure the pot values are correct.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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