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    502 Members as I write this post is a fantastic starting since the site rebuild on August 2018.

    Unfortunately my old site used a proprietary system which meant there was no FTP protocol I could use short of trying to hire someone to find a workaround. As a result my old members could not automatically be transferred and with the new GDPR rules which we fully respect it meant that we had to start the new site, built from scratch with the first new member of GuitarPCB being myself as of August.

    I am very pleased to see that we have now reached 500+ currently subscribed members and growing.

    Also becoming a member puts you on a list to receive updates “Very Special Limited Deals”. Obviously if you do not wish to receive these deals you may easily unsubscribe and we share that information with no one!

    If you stumble across this post and think you are not getting “Special Deal” emails then please subscribe in the right hand side bar using the GuitarPCB Member Club link. Again if you were previously a Member on the old site you will have to resubmit your membership quickly and easily from the Member Club link. If you are offered a sign in and your info works then you are already a member.

    Finally Members are gauged on email activity since it costs $$$ to use the software based on membership tiers. So if you never open emails or click on links inside you will automatically be removed by the software eventually. This would result in you not receiving “Special Deals” or “News Updates” and you would have to resubscribe yourself since by rule I cannot do it.

    Thank you again for an amazing 2018 and looking forward to our 10th Year Anniversary in a few months.



    PS: If you have not figured it out yet you need to visit this page:

    GuitarPCB Help Guides


    Congrats on the new and improved site.  It really is a great community and I really appreciate all the support I’ve received (and will continue to receive) here.

    Here’s to the next 500!



    Thank you for that!

    Here is to more lurkers contributing to the forum!

    That would include posting finished GuitarPCB Builds and helping with troubleshooting.

    I know you are there 😉


    Yeah!  I gotta believe that I am not the only one that can help Barry answer questions.  I ‘ll bet some folks are tired of hearing me fumble through requests.  Come on guys!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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