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    G’day folks, first post here. I’ve built a few GPCB circuits and they are great. Really happy with them.

    Recently purchased a 4pdt order switch board and wonder if I’m missing something as the ‘input’ and ‘output’ seem to be the ‘wrong’ way round. Can anybody clear this up? Or is that just the way this board is?






    All gpcb boards are double sided so you can solder the switch LED’s, wires etc to either side without components to worry about the choice is yours a wee bit longer wire or solder the switch etc to the other side

    As long as you wire it correctly it’ll function exactly the same


    Thanks for the reply Billy. Yeah, it’s all good! I guess I was thrown a bit by it being like that compared to every other switch PCB I’ve used. I stared at it with my brain not comprehending for ages, lol!

    The other thing I was wondering about is the DA and the DB connections. They aren’t mentioned in the PDF.



    Here is a screengrab from the build doc. Essentially you have two options for a status LED. You can either use a Common Anode Bi-color LED (D1) or use two different color standard LEDs. (DA & DB)

    This is purely for aesthetics on how you want your finished pedal to look.

    See image below:

    This is also referred in the schematic as well by the diode symbols. We suggest looking at schematic even if you are new to them as things will become very familiar, very quickly and that’s always a bonus.


    Cheers Barry. It dawned on me afterwards what the DA-B are for. I’ll have a study of the schematic.





    Hi…I do my order-flipping with a toggle, rather than stompswitch, because the physical location of the bat handle provides a visual indicator, and it’s not the sort of thing I’d need to do mid-tune. If you can do it that way, a 3PDT toggle is sufficient. If you need a visual indicator for use with a stompswitch, then 4PDT is required.


    Yep!  That’s why Barry sells both styles of Order Switching Boards in the shop!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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