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    Big O

    Just finished a stock 4-Track Fuzz named the D850 Fuzz after my first “pedal,” a Hitachi D850 3-Head Cassette Deck from the late 70’s.  I used to plug my Univox Les Paul “Lawsuit Era Model” guitar into the mic input and then out to my 10 watt Marlboro practice amp pictured below to get a fuzz/distortion sound.  I thought this was a way to cheat in order to get a Sabbath type sound, because I had never heard of pedals and was in the belief that all artists merely used a guitar, amplifier and their hands to get their signature sounds.  I just thought it mainly had to be their choice of guitar and amplifier, and likely it was the amplifier where the main magic happened.  It wasn’t until about 20 years ago that I had heard about pedals, although I saw one in a case at a music store in the early 80’s.  Since I was a poor student with no money at the time, I didn’t even bother to ask what it was because it was priced way above my means, which meant something that cost more than $5.  It probably was an OD pedal such as a Tube Screamer.

    Amp and Guitar


    Pedal Exterior.

    I had much less trouble with the graphics for this one as I laquered the inkjet printed waterslide decal prior to applying it.  I never had to do that with the laser printed decals in the past.  The pedal comes pretty close to emulating the sound I got from my old Hitachi cassette deck, although is much more versatile.  The pedal can go anywhere from a clean boost to all out fuzz mush.  The cassette deck, once the “Record” level (gain) was slightly above zero produced major fuzz.  This is likely because the mic preamp in the deck was designed for quite a low level mic output (very sensitive to input voltage), probably in the range of 1mV or so.  The humbucker equipped guitar probably could push out 750mV when strummed hard, easily overdriving the built-in mic preamp resulting in instant fuzz just above Zero on the “Record” level knob.  Below is the gutshot.


    Very nice job and thanks for the share.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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