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    Hi all,

    I’ve build a swha kit bought from muzikding and I really love how it sounds. But I don’t understand why spdt is noisy like this. In the first link I only play and in the second I active and desactivate spdt switch.

    small guitar test 🙂 (I’m learning 😛 )

    Plop sounds

    1. Did I made something wrong?
    2. Is it a problem from my house? (I use a fuel tank junior power supply)
    3. Could I had a condensator or a resistor somewhere to remove that noise?
    4. Did I broke a component or other? (I burnt a part of the track between D6 and R31, when I removed the previous led…)

    Just a photo of the Swah and tube screaming ultra 😛 (not completely finished but playable 🙂




    If it’s a pop when you switch it on and off firstly check R2 has good connection by reflowing the solder joints then try soldering a wire from 3PDT lug 1 (input) to lug 6 as below to ground the input when switched


    Yes it’s a pop, i tried to do what you wrote but it’s the same.`
    I have pop with others build effects but with this one, it’s louder.

    Should I test r2 values?


    Test your pedal only with a battery to rule out a ton of issues not pedal related.

    Batteries cannot produce noise thus eliminating all power supply related issues.

    Only test the pedal by itself to rule out several other issues.

    You can connect a battery to your pedal using your 2.1mm connector attached to a battery strap but be sure it is wired correctly so that it is Negative Tip.

    This is an excellent tool to always have handy when troubleshooting.



    Hi Barry,

    I tried with a battery and it’s the same 🙂

    Maybe… I’ve found a direction…
    I tried to put a wima 0.33/250 on the “T” out and the spdt noise was not there.
    with the condo: https://youtu.be/wBD0DNn5U-Y
    and without:https://youtu.be/nsNujUVxyag

    I’m pretty sure that the pedal did not this noisy sound before. Do you think a condensateur might be dead?

    If there’s no other solution, witch condo size should be the best? because I tried wima 470/630 and the sound wasn’t has good has without any condensator.


    Ok I was THE problem…C6 was not able to do his Job because (i don’t know how…) + & – were soldered …
    I kill a led and pcb look like a battleground… but I’m happy to say that Learning electronics without theories haha It may be sometimes hard 😀

    Thanks all

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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