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You can’t accurately measure components in circuit whilst they are connected to other components

Much better to do a visual check of your components ensuring they are the correct value and polarity is correct

You can check resistors by colour band I use this site


I’ve checked the components I can see all seem to be correct value and polarity

I’ve roughly traced the audio path for you below you want to follow the red line from input to output the simplest way to check is from the IN T pad through C1 and R2 into pin 3 IC1A out pin 1 to P1 lug 2 out lug 3 to C5, R5 into pin 6 IC1B out of pin 7 to C7, R7, C8, C9, R9 into  P2 lug 3 out lug 2 to IC2B pin 6 out pin 7 to C11, R12 into P3 lug 3 out lug 2 to the OUT T pad that way you’re checking all the inputs and outputs directly

Make sure you make good connections when probing you will notice differences in audio for example at the IN T pad it will be clean signal and as you go through amplification stages etc it’ll get louder

Set your volume low to save you jumping out of your skin! If you have a looper pedal record a loop and use that as your input audio to keep 2 hands free

Read the audio probe explained PDF and you should be fine