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Happy New Year and thanks to Billy and Barry.

Billy: I have verified power on the 3PDT board because the LED illuminates red in bypass mode and green in effects mode. I also measured 9.05v with my DMM on the mains jack lugs and the 3PDT +9v and G pads. I also verified power on the main board by measuring 9.05v on the +9v and GND pads.

Barry : Yes, I did populate R12.

I also started to probe the audio path.

Just to make sure I am doing this right I will review my approach.

  1. I applied power to the pedal and using my audio probe I verified audio on one leg of R1 and one leg of C1.
  2. I unplugged the pedal and measured 0.009 MΩ of resistance on R1.
  3. I measured 0.535 μF on C1.

I measured the values at least three times to ensure consistency.

Please let me know if this approach is correct.

The measured values differ from those reported in the Capt. Munch build doc which are 1 MΩ and 22nF respectively.

Please advise on how to interpret the measurements.