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Big O

I am revisiting this post and agree about Mammoth not quite getting things right.  After testing my new Fuzz circuit and then starting a vero build (first one ever as in another one of my posts on this forum) I was testing each component as I added them to the veroboard in order to make sure everything was the correct values according to the schematic.  I got to the last capacitor in the build and discovered the cap in the Mammoth supplied plastic bag labled as 0.022uF measured 0.22uF.  Sure enough, when I got out the magnifying glass the part code was 224J.  It should have been 223J.  Fortunately I had a spare 0.022uF cap in my parts bin (fishing tackle box).

I put everything back on the breadboard to test it out and the tone control, the part of the circuit where the cap was located, actually worked way better than it had previously.  It certainly helps to test each component to verify it is correct before soldering!  This is not the first time the part was labeled incorrectly from Mammoth.  I also had a supposed MPSA18 transistor that turned out to be a voltage regulator.  These mistakes were made on my last two orders with Mammoth.

Hopefully I will have the new fuzz boxed up and working in a couple of weeks.

And I have also used Small Bear several times in the past and my experience with them has been excellent!