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No don’t swap anything out the idea is to use your audio probe to see where the squealing starts

You should get clean signal with no squealing into IC1A pin 3 if you then get squealing out at pin 1 and in at pin 2 that would indicate your problem lying in the feedback loop components between pin 1 and 2 as i say the idea is to try and locate where it starts

45 watt is a little to hot for pcb work I wouldn’t go more than 30 watt

Your pedal works so you’ve built it correctly and it’s just a case of finding where or what is causing the squeal is it present throughout the range of the gain pot and does any pot alter it

Regarding the power supply I always use a filtered, regulated supply and never the non regulated cheaper option especially with high gain circuits using a battery means pure DC so no unwanted noise from AC ripple as I’ve said im not sure if 1.5v over bias voltage is enough to make an op amp oscillate

Just for future reference I use these to test with batteries to rule out the supply being the problem