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I was looking for info on where to source finished enclosures and discovered this thread. I previously ordered finished powder coated enclosures from Mammoth and PedalPartsPlus. I’ve contacted PedalPartsPlus and they do indeed now have a minimum of 25 on finished enclosures. I’m not looking for any unusual colors; lately I’ve been trying to use grey or silver 1590BBs for Klones and SS-2s. Basic colors like black and white are pretty easy to come by. I have tried Tayda with very mixed results, mostly negative. I had a couple bad finishes from them and they replaced them right away, but the next time it happened they were unwilling to help. A couple turned out fine, but mostly there have been too many irregularities and issues like finish chipping during drilling. I’m set up to drill my own enclosures, but I don’t want to get into learning how to powder coat. Does anyone have any other suggestion about where to purchase finished enclosures? Like others, I’m hoping something positive will come out of the Mammoth aqusition. And finally, will there be a restock of the GuitarPCB DBDT wiring boards? I’ve been using them a lot and I’m almost out.