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Just finished the Mini-Me build to a testable point and enclosed – minus the enclosure graphics finishing. And I employed the “Mini-Me Depth Mod”. Before the mod, the trimmer pot was just fine at just a hair left of center. However, when I added the Depth Mod, I noticed some light “ticking” in the output, presumably from the clock. I adjusted the trimmer a tad more to the left and the “ticking” went away. Yay!

This is a very slick modification and a tip-o-the-hat to Wilkie1 for the write-up on it. This simple mod greatly enhances the versatility of the Mini-Me. I highly recommend it.

Here’s the enclosure before finishing:

And here’s the complimentary gutshot:

I wanted to squeeze it all into 125B \ 1590B enclosure, but the Depth Mod that impossible. Still, I’m quite happy with this result. Once the enclosure graphics are finished, I’ll make a full build report in the proper forum section. Thanks for reading!