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right on, hi CC,

yeah, i’d go that route too. the mn3007 is the proper chip for this kind of circuit anyways, and will get the best tone.

i have a board for this that barry sent me, i hope to getting around to messing with it soon. i’d like to make it even a little more clone theory like, and this is gonna be a great candidate for playing with.
its just like the guitarpcb crew to always be looking for the best possible ways to do it, i’m jazzed they’re offering that option as 3007’s get harder to find.

for info purposes only, the NTE equiv for these style analog choruses actually works pretty well if someone has issues with finding decent 3007’s. i forget the part number, but my original vero clone theory i used one til i got some 3007’s, and there was almost no difference tonally… surprising, with nte stuff!

anyways, nice chatting, glad you’re good with the opamps, and enjoy the build!
peace out