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Big O

I didn’t know about all the problems you had with them Barry.  Maybe you can work with the new owners if they continue to sell pedal parts, and maybe they could offer your boards alone, but it is just easier for me ordering them from Guitar PCB.  I like supporting independent small businessmen and I feel a bit of kinship since you live close to where I went to college (used to drive through your town on the way to go skiing).

I can say I only had a couple of small problems over the years with mammoth, but their enclosures were always fine.  I just discovered that an MPSA13 transistor I ordered from them a couple of years ago was not a transistor, but instead a voltage regulator.  I don’t know how that happened, but they didn’t even sell that type of part.

Fortunately I have a bunch of spare parts such as transistors, caps, resistors and hardware other than enclosures.  Looks like I will have to learn how to use Mouser’s site.  I have used others such as Small Bear, PPP, etc. so hopefully obtaining reasonably priced parts won’t be a problem.