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hi guys

i’ve built a bunch of the circuits this was based on, ANY dual opamp should work fine. tl062/72/82 etc.
1458 is a good choice for this if ya really wanna nitpick, but even a 4558 will work about the same. socket the chip, and try whatever you have. if you really feel its not up to par, by all means order the lm358’s, those were spec’d originally cuz they were cheap and abundant for the time when the original analog choruses were built, and pretty low noise by those standards… tho not necessarily by today’s.

the last clone theory i built, i subbed every chip on the board and found literally no tonal difference. higher current requirement chips could be an issue, but in this circuit, i doubt it. op275, 4558, tl0*2,1458, lm358… use what ya have and you should be fine.

the diffs tonally in most opamps is fairly minimal ime.

hope that helps!