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Brako – I built a couple of the Muff’N builds and both used the Roto-4 switching PCBs. I carefully analyzed the variants available (as listed in the build docs) and decided to use ALL the mods available in the advanced build doc for the Muff’N. I posted a very detailed dissertation of that first build and photo-journaled the build process, exposing the component values I used to achieve many of the variants. I didn’t try to target any of the specific builds, I just knew that with the value choices I used, the end result would allow the final pedal construct to reach across the spectrum of BMP variants. Again, with no true idea of which toggle settings would give me which specific BMP version. They all sound so similar with only slight variations between settings. There a couple of settings that have drastic differences, but of the more than a dozen combination possibilities, only few were quite audibly different. You can see my build post here: Klingon Muff Build.