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Now that I finally found time for a detailed answer…

I figure I would cover all the bases for others reading as well.

The Combo Guide contains information on using the WIRE method in detail which is what most of us use as a DIY community especially for combos. Have a look at the 100’s of customer builds for ideas in our Slideshow Section located in the Main Menu Bar. Other options include using Pot Condoms in case you have bare metal pots to set the boards on (yes you can indeed use double side tape to secure the boards to the pots).

Many of our boards (including the Mini-Me) can be fitted with 16mm Right Angle board mounted pots eliminating any issue or need for another type of solution (except in your rack situation) since the Pots will hold the board in place.

Even the ones with smaller pads (including the Bass OD) will accommodate 9mm on-board Pots as well. That said hand wiring allows for many boards to fit into a single enclosure. You can find out more about the 9mm Pot solution in our GuitarPCB Tips section on the Guides Page.

Since it is rack mount I think 3M double sided tape which is non-conductive would work and…

I also sell PCB Secure Mounts in the SHOP for yet another option. It has pictures and examples. This is how we cover most bases while providing the smallest size boards to fit into the two most popular enclosure sizes.

Every Colored Text above is a direct link. I hope that helps.