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I’d suspect a ground problem with those high readings on your IC or the op amp itself

Zooming in on your ground connection I’d reflow that so it melts nicely onto the pcb pad and DC jack it may well be a poor connection coming loose so check all of your grounds and IC socket pads especially pin 4 ground even though it’s reading 0v your input and output pins 2,3,6 should read around half the supply voltage with ground on 4 and supply voltage to 7,  check that the IC is located correctly into its socket

Also take voltage readings with the IC removed from the socket for comparison

You can also wiggle each wire to see if it can be replicated to find any bad connections

As Wilkie says if a socketed component comes loose that would cause problems on a recent Mowah build I had a socketed transistor causing an intermittent fault when the wrong way up it was fine turning it around it crackled then cut out I eventually found one of the legs had broken with me constantly checking voltages

So when I turned it around the broken pin would connect and visa versa dis connect took me a while to suss it it was only when I removed it I saw the pin had broken inside the socket