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Thanks Wilkie1, that was exactly the problem.  I missed the “T” on the board.

So I have a functional Fuzz now, but it’s not quite right.  The attack doesn’t seem to do anything.  It makes a very slight change in the sound, but it’s really subtle.  The level seems really hot too (I’m 99% sure I didn’t get them reversed, I checked them with the multimeter before I mounted them).  At about 1:00 on the level knob the pedal is roughly as loud as when playing in bypass.

Also, I get a lot of noise from the unplayed open strings.  For example, fret the 6th string, play a note, release it, and there is a lot of buzzing (fuzzing?) from the other strings that weren’t played or fretted.  If I dampen them it immediately stope.  There isn’t any noise when the pedal is on.

The bias on Q3 is too hot too, with the trimmer all the way clockwise I still have -7.8 volts.