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The wiring connections on the IN jack are incorrect.  You do not solder wires directly to the large contacts.  Take your guitar cable plug and insert it into the jack.  You will see that the tip of the guitar plug will make contact with the longest curved contact.  Now look closely at that long contact and you will see that a part of it is a solder lug on the opposite side of the jack.  That is the lug you need to solder the yellow wire that goes to the “IN” on the 3PDT board.  Now look at the shorter curved contact.  On the opposite side of the jack is the solder lug for this contact.  That is the “RING” contact. It makes a connection to the middle “ring” on the guitar plug. You need to solder the black wire going to the battery clip to this lug.  The shaft of the guitar plug is making contact with the shell of the jack.  In the middle of the jack is a lug that is attached to the shell of the jack.  This is the “Sleeve” lug.  Solder the black wire that goes to a ground pad on the 3PDT board.

Once you get the wiring corrected, you may also have fixed the LED issue.  If not try reversing the LED again.  (I am happy to see you used a socket for that!)