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Wilkie1: OK. I hope you had a nice night’s sleep.

Héhé, it’s yours now, thanks to you too.

Wilkie1: First, I suggest you remove the ICs and power from the circuit. Then, do a complete re-solder of all connections and joints. Replace the ICs and power and retest.

I tried when i woke up with a coffee mug and… you was right with Octo-Coupler, and I have broken the track from the octo-coupler to R17. I made a soldier link with cable inside like in the photo downside 😛

And if you look the last video, you will see the result! https://youtu.be/GfjNqzXYMbo

Barry: Finally we cannot guarantee an xvive opto couplet will match the specs of the NSL-32

It worked for me 🙂 the octo-coupler were just reversed.
I’ll pay more attention to the smooth button later (or maybe it’s normal?),

I’ve to go to work thank you all, I’m learning a lot with your help 😉