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Octo-coupler voltage at the + terminal :

  • Sw position 1: 3.96 > x <3.97 (no changes even if i turn gain pot)
  • Sw position 2: 2.54> x <4.89

probe ic1:

  1. Oscillation
  2. Oscillation
  3. Oscillation
  4. Oscillation
  5. no sounds
  6. Oscillation
  7. Oscillation
  8. Oscillation

All oscillations sounds have small differences

Probe ic2:

  1. no sounds (short click when i plug in)
  2. seems to have sounds but “bitchushed” only when sample sound’s level is heavier
  3. music from source
  4. Oscillation
  5. no sounds
  6. no sounds (only a short bump/buzz when I plug in my pin)
  7. no sounds
  8. no sounds

probe R17: only a short clic when i plug.

Thank you, for your help, good evening I’ll be back tomorow 🙂

Time to sleep here!

See you