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Barry: The T-Pad for the Out appears correct.
If this is a kit from Klaus then he has verified the Xvive.

This is not a complete kit. I bought pieces separatly because I had one of them.

Klaus use this list: https://www.musikding.de/docs/guitarpcb/apollo_bom_en.pdf and I used Apollo’s doc :-/ maybe Cybercow found another possibility? 😉 (I hope I won’t have to buy another octo haha..)

I’ve found datasheet.. but I don’t know with what I’ve to compare.. https://www.thonk.co.uk/Documents/xvive/Xvive5C2%20Non-RoHs.pdf


Cybercow: based on your probing video, there is NOTHING happening on side A of IC1 (output stage of the circuit), but there is signal passing thru side B of IC1 (first audio stage of the circuit). That suggests either the opamp is bad – OR – something is wrong with one or more components associated with the final output stage of the circuit.

Should I pay more attention to C2 C3 R4 before considerating thate IC1 won’t “Stire it up” ?

I replaced IC1 by another (ne5532P instead of TL072 like I just saw in Klaus’s list) and it’s the same.